General Information

Most sessions will last 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
Your photo session will be at your choice of location. The time and number of photos taken differs with each session depending on number of people being photographed, location etc. We will be happy to discuss your individual needs prior to meeting, so we can tailor the session just for you!

Be prepared to have fun! Your photography session should be relaxed and easy. All sessions are shot on location, either at your home (especially recommended for little ones) or at any number of interesting places.

The initial 50% is due when you book your session

Life is precious and extremely beautiful! Photography allows us to capture moments
​and keep those memories alive forever.

Before we even shoot your session, we have already started thinking about taking the perfect images for you. Your images go through four stages: planning, shooting, processing, and printing. Processing and editing your images takes the most time. During this time your images are perfected for printing. They are retouched, resized, color corrected and personalized.
​The average client has 5-10 hours dedicated to their session alone.

Because we want everyone involved to be as comfortable as possible and in order for your pictures to be uniquely you...every session is shot on location. If we meet at your home, we will walk around to check out the light. If we meet on location, we want to capture you when you don't even realize we’re there. Whether it's your home or on location in the city, park or country!
​You'll be amazed at how many great locations we can find.

What should we wear?
Dark or light solids work well. Bold and bright colors work the best, darker clothing is more slimming. Clothing with texture is great, jeans or sweaters, etc.
Avoid logos and designs, long sleeves photograph better than short sleeves or tank tops. Kids are best in jeans and t-shirts or simple sundresses. Just keep it simple.

What is your style?
I like to mix things up. I am inspired by you. I like to mix modern with traditional
​and I try to keep my images clean and simple.

What should we bring?
Have a puppy? A favorite accessory? Props are always welcome, just try to let us know in advance.

After the session.
​Your images will be ready for viewing in your own private online gallery.
​We will send you a password that will allow you, your friends,
​or family members to view the images in your gallery.
​You will also be able to order your images at this time.

We love teens!
They are the ones on the cutting edge of everything that's new and exciting. Their personalities are vibrant, their lives on the verge of endless possibility. Can you capture all that in a photograph? It's a challenge to try! Teens, we want you to be yourself too. Bring 2-3 outfits of clothes and accessories and we will help you sort it out. During your portrait consultation we want to know about you and
what you like and your ideas so that your portraits will reflect you.

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